About us

Starting as a small fashion wholesale on Sydney’s Surryhills in 2012, SMAIBULUN has gradually expanded to different countries. Upon discovering the wonders of the World Wide Web, SMAIBULUN Online was born.

Our goal is to use fashion that made with love to define who you are. Fashion isn't just a word or a trend. It is what we believe in and what we love for.

We believe we can change the world through what we see in our lives, to change it from ordinary to extraordinary.

We believe we can make it better through being a part of a force that changes this world.

We believe that everybody is an individual and fashion helps to shape their identity and who they are to the world.

We believe fashion has its value, yet should be reachable, and shouldn't stop you from expressing yourself.

We are not trying to be rebels, or going against the status quo, we simply believe only you know exactly who you want to be, and our fashion is the tool to help you reach for it.

Made with love to be worn with love, Inspire or be inspired, your journey starts now from SMAIBULUN.