Siketu Wedge Sandals are the Ideal Choice of Footwear for Many Occasions

Siketu Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals are a women’s closet staple. They’re relaxed enough for you to wear all day long and multipurpose enough to be matched with a huge range of outfits – including dresses, trousers, and cute shorts. Siketu wedge sandals are the ideal choice of footwear for many occasions too – whether you’re off to a wedding or taking a trip to the beach. Wedge sandals (commonly called wedges) have a linked heel and sole, which are often made from wood, cork, or acrylic. The base of the sole is occasionally wrapped with another material such as leather or suede to match the straps. While the design dates to ancient Greece, wedges become popular in the 1930s as orthopaedic shoes, before breaking into fashion.

Wedge sandals, why?

1.    Supportive and stable

Wedge sandals have a solid, single sole. They were initially developed for right heel problems or instep issues, such as collapsed arches, so they provide support all day long.

2.    Comfortable

Wedges don’t incline to rub and cause sores as much as other shoes, so they’re comfortable to wear over long periods of time especially in the office or for other working women.

3.    Versatile and stylish

Siketu wedge sandals come in a variety of designs that can be mixed-n-matched with dresses, jeans, and shorts – making them a popular footgear selection.

Siketu wedge sandals

Wedge sandals can be paired practically with everything

Wedges are one of the most adaptable types of sandals, so there are plenty of outfits that they can suit. You could wear wedges with jeans for a casual outfit that’s flawless for evening shopping, or with shorts for the daytime. For a more sophisticated look that still feels casual, wear Siketu women's sandals with a dress. It’s easy to blend wedge sandals with jeans to create a casual look.

 Siketu women's sandals

For daytime casual wear, opt for a wedge with a heel of three inches or below. Neutral colours like black, brown, nude, and white will work with a variety of garments.

If you’re embracing the summer sun, don’t be afraid to select a bright accent color from your top – like pink, red or purple – to categorically make them stand out. Much like skinny jeans, shorts tend to be a casual dress option. Once again, keeping Siketu women's sandals heels low and opting for neutral tones is a great way to carry it confidently. A pair of cute denim shorts with black wedge sandals and a casual T-shirt is a great combination for a casual day look.

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