Several collocations for stacking sweaters

Except for the oversized loose-collar sweaters that are not easy to stack, generally high collars and half high collars are suitable for stacking. Sweaters and shirts are two items that fashion bloggers often use to stack and wear. Stacking combines simple and basic items to have a sense of hierarchy. When the weather is cold, put on a jacket or coat outside to keep you warm and fashionable.

Abandon the turtleneck sweater + leggings, girls can try matching skirts. The combination of black and white classic popular colors in the picture, the black sweater shows a rugged figure curve, and the split design shows slender legs. The confident and brilliant smile of the model adds warmth to the cold winter.

At the same time, don't talk about wearing a black turtleneck sweater that shows a short neck, looks bad, and looks old... As long as you learn to choose correctly, it is not difficult to look tall and thin, and have a "swan neck".

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