What Are The 3 Types Of Heels

Many women love a good pair of heels. Nowadays, high heels for women come in many colors and models. But do you know there are 3 different types of heels for women's shoes? There is a low, medium, or high heel which you can choose to suit your tastes. This post will help you to learn the difference between these three different types of heels.

High Heels:

Women’s high heel shoes are a type of footwear that is specifically designed to be worn by women. They come in a variety of different styles, sizes, and colors, but they all have one thing in common: they enhance the look of the wearer’s legs and feet.

There are several reasons why women wear high-heeled shoes. The most common reason is that they want to feel more confident in their appearance. High heels make people look taller and slimmer. They also accentuate certain features such as the calves and ankles, which can be very attractive on some women.

Medium Heels:

There are many different types of women's medium-heel shoes available today, including pumps, slingbacks, and wedges. They have a low heel, which means it is not too high and not too low. The heel height on women's medium-heel shoes can range from one to five inches, depending on the style you choose.

Low Heels:

Women's low heel shoes are designed for women who don't want to wear high heels but still want to look feminine. These shoes are typically made with a platform, which makes it easier to walk around in and gives the wearer more stability. They are generally made of leather and have a strap that goes around the ankle. The strap is usually made of fabric or leather, so it can be adjusted for the best fit. Some women's low-heel shoes come with a back zipper for easy removal, while others have an elastic band at the top to keep them on your feet.

Heels are an essential part of any shoe collection. Knowing how to match them is also an important skill, which is why we've taken a look at three of the most popular heel styles in fashion today: low, medium and high heels. Each type has different applications and will look different when paired with pants, dresses and shorts, so hopefully the quick breakdown we’ve provided above is helpful!

Author bio-

Dr. Taryn Rose is an orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer focused on technical innovations to improve how we live. After selling her namesake company in 2008 she came out of retirement to team up with her partner, Enrico Cuini. Together they have built a first in kind shoe company making made to measure sexy high heels for smart women who set their goals high and wear their heels even higher.

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