Sweater jacket with jeans

Sweater jacket with jeans

If it’s a girl who doesn’t like to wear skirts, we can also use a long sweater coat with jeans or other types of pants, and we can also make good use of the coat in our closet. If you are a girl with a better figure, you can choose a pair of pencil pants to match a long sweater coat. This matching method is very simple and very temperamental.

Although using a sweater coat with jeans is a relatively simple collocation method, we should not make a mistake when choosing a sweater coat inside, because when choosing an inner coat, do not choose the same material. This combination looks very good. It’s strange, so you can also choose to match jeans with a t-shirt.

Sweater jacket with jeans

In addition to choosing tight jeans to match a sweater coat, you can also choose loose jeans to match, but this matching method may be a little short, so try it with tall girls as much as possible, and short girls must be cautious. When choosing loose-fitting jeans, you can buy trousers with curled edges for a more attractive style.

In fact, the sweater coat is a very versatile item, so no matter which type of pants we match, it is very good-looking. In fact, sweater jackets can also be matched with overalls, especially light-colored overalls with small feet. Roll up the trousers of overalls, and pair it with a light-colored sweater jacket. The whole person is very energetic.

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