How to match sweaters outside

1. Skirt Since the matching of skirts and sweaters has become popular, it has been very popular, because this way of wearing it is too thin. A loose sweater, and then a long mesh skirt on the lower body, the overall match is very sweet, but it will be very warm, very suitable for wearing in autumn and winter. Good-looking sweaters can be worn not only in spring and autumn, but also in winter.
2. Leather shorts The way of matching shorts with sweaters is also very trendy. We use the matching between shorts and sweaters, which is very comfortable and convenient. Many people find long skirts very troublesome. They mop the floor when sitting or squatting. It is better to wear leather shorts. You can match a piece of leggings directly in the shorts without affecting your life at all.
3. Jeans Everyone already knows the way of matching sweaters with jeans. By matching them with jeans, the style is very simple and age-reducing. Wear a simple pair of jeans with a sweater, and you can go shopping directly.

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