What does a cardigan sweater look good with?

Sweater cardigan with jeans: The first thing to teach you is the collocation of sweater cardigan and jeans. It is very common to pair sweater cardigan with jeans, especially in spring. Choose a sweater cardigan with floral design with simple Simple light-colored jeans look very comfortable and can be worn in many occasions.

Sweater cardigan with skirt: The second set of matching is a sweater cardigan with a skirt. The sweater cardigan here is a thicker black, so we chose a more interesting printed skirt to match. The two items are also harmonious in color. It looks super temperament when paired together.

Sweater cardigan suit: The last is a suit, sweater cardigan and wide-leg pants, which directly eliminates the trouble of matching. This suit is also very beautiful. The same fabric and the same color will actually extend the line more and look very much. Tall, very suitable for thin girls.

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