Wear a long sweater coat in spring

   Single product matching: gray long sweater coat + light gray T-shirt + white ripped jeans + white canvas shoes + black and white stitching handbag

   Comment: A long sweater coat is the most suitable for a casual and lazy dress.

  Single product matching: gray blue long sweater coat + striped dress + black wedge fish mouth high heels + black small bag

   Comment: The gray-blue long sweater coat is combined with wild stripes to create a bright overall color in early autumn.

  Single product matching: beige long sweater coat + black T-shirt + black leggings + black short boots + black handbag

   Comment: The combination of beige and black is enduring, so feel free to combine your beige sweater coat with black items!

  Single product collocation: light pink long sweater coat + white shirt + blue jeans + light pink ballet shoes + light brown handbag

   Comment: The light pink sweater coat is most suitable for gentle and cute girls. It is very casual with shirt and jeans.

  Single product collocation: brown shawl-style sweater coat + printed dress long dress + camel short boots

   Comment: The brown shawl-style sweater coat with a dark-toned print dress is like the dress of an elegant lady in a French movie.

  Single product matching: black long sweater coat + striped T-shirt + printed long skirt + black sandals + black small bag

   Comment: Tall ladies wear long sweaters and jackets. You may wish to wear a printed skirt if you are going for autumn outings!

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