Sweater jacket with skirt

If the weather is better, then we can choose to use short skirts to match short sweater coats. If the girl is a cute type, then you can choose a short tutu skirt to match a short coat. Wear a simple t-shirt inside the sweater coat. This combination will make the whole person more relaxed. vitality.

If you think that the puff skirt is too sweet and not suitable for your style, you can also choose a versatile denim skirt, whether it is a short denim skirt or a mid-length denim skirt. When buying a coat in spring, try to choose the color not too dark, because we all know that light-colored clothes are more suitable for spring, which looks more beautiful.

In fact, we can also use sweater jackets to match dresses, but the requirement for sweater jackets is that they must be high-waisted. It is also very nice to match a high-waist sweater jacket with a dress. The reason for using a jacket with a dress is to improve our waist line, make the whole person look thinner, and make people look taller.


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