How to match a sweater coat to look good

1.  sweater coat + T-shirt + jeans

The loose-fit sweater jacket is very popular this year. It uses a variety of outfits to capture your heart! The loose-fit upper body has a lazy tone and is also very tolerant to the figure. In addition, the design of the dropped shoulder sleeves will not show the width of the shoulders, and it can also highlight the lines of the shoulders and necks to achieve the effect of visually thinning. Put a refreshing white T-shirt inside, simple and fashionable! The lower body is matched with light blue jeans, it is classic and not easily outdated, very durable!

2. Sweater jacket + dress

The gentle tones of the sweater coat give people a sense of western fashion, and any skin tone can be controlled. The design of the big V-neck is very simple and neat, and the single-breasted design adds a bright spot, simple and not monotonous. With a dress, and then put on a pair of exquisite small shoes, retro fashion with some elegant feeling.

3. Contrasting color sweater coat + knitted dress

Super gentle striped contrast sweater jacket, the color matching is really beautiful and gentle! The soft sweater brings a sense of healing in this autumn, and also highlights the texture of the sweater! The loose version of the strength hides the meat and looks thinner. A knitted dress with a gentle and pleasant temperament!

4. Hollow sweater coat + strap wide-leg pants

In the early autumn, the weather is accompanied by the warmth of summer. A classic and durable denim suspender wide-leg pants. The upper body is fashionable and beautiful! The nine-point length looks tall and thin. It is matched with a brown sweater coat. Something calm and retro. The sweater jacket does not have too much design, and the upper body has a simple and neat sense. Slightly roll up the sleeves of the sweater coat to add a touch of leisure and laziness.
5. Sweater jacket + wide-leg pants
Sweater jacket is an indispensable item in the autumn! Loose version + V-neck arc integrated into the single-breasted design, simple and retro, the whole is very regular and stylish! I like the open sweater jacket. Wear, a little more unrestrained lazy feel. Wear a casual hooded top with apricot wide-leg pants on the lower body. The pure color is simple and durable, showing more temperament, comfortable and unobtrusive.



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